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And Football in Calcutta means Mohun Bagan AC! It is the oldest club of Asia and the National Club of India. It is the biggest thing in India.
The next best thing is the Calcutta Rivalry!
Mohun Bagan v/s East Bengal!
However, the three big clubs of Calcutta are:
Mohun Bagan AC, East Club FC, Mahammedan S.C

Thursday, August 28, 2008

AIFF unable to decide Dias and Pradeep's fate!

At the beginning of the season it was contended by the East Bengal officials that Steven Dias and N.P. Pradeep of Mahindra Utd. has agreed to play for East Bengal and to such effect has even signed a contract. Mahindra on the other hand argued that the duo's term of contract with Mahindra is yet to be over and so the are still Mahindra players and East Bengal cannot claim them.
The matter was however brought in front of the AIFF player status committee and they have declared that on this issue they cannot pass a verdict against any of the parties as the situation is "critical" and "unique".

They have declared that by 5th of September, East Bengal has to come into some sort of settlement with Mahindra regarding the duo, as they are still Mahindra Players, failing which, both of them will remain in Mahindra Utd.

If however, East Bengal do manage to pursue Mahindra in releasing the duo, they will certainly have to pay a pretty hefty sum of money to Mahindra as Transfer fee.

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