Calcutta, the city of joy, a city of tradition, a city rich in culture born out of the amulgation of the East and the West! It is said that Calcutta is the Mecca of
Indian Football!
And Football in Calcutta means Mohun Bagan AC! It is the oldest club of Asia and the National Club of India. It is the biggest thing in India.
The next best thing is the Calcutta Rivalry!
Mohun Bagan v/s East Bengal!
However, the three big clubs of Calcutta are:
Mohun Bagan AC, East Club FC, Mahammedan S.C

Thursday, August 21, 2008

CFL in tight corner!

The CFL schedulewhich had been brought up at the beginng of the season was much criticised for such a tight schedule and now with matches being postponed for rain interruptions, it has run into the I league schedule and will most probably remain suspended till for the time being.
I league will kick off from 12th September. With the CFL scheduled to be ending somewhere in mid septembe, as of now, will remain suspended from September onwards, that is wht is most likely to happen though, nothing has been declared as of yet officially!

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