Calcutta, the city of joy, a city of tradition, a city rich in culture born out of the amulgation of the East and the West! It is said that Calcutta is the Mecca of
Indian Football!
And Football in Calcutta means Mohun Bagan AC! It is the oldest club of Asia and the National Club of India. It is the biggest thing in India.
The next best thing is the Calcutta Rivalry!
Mohun Bagan v/s East Bengal!
However, the three big clubs of Calcutta are:
Mohun Bagan AC, East Club FC, Mahammedan S.C

Saturday, August 9, 2008

East Bengal protest on 2nd leg schedule!

After IFA had announced the schedule for the 2nd leg of the CFL 2008-09, East Bengal FC voiced their protest about the schedule as their matches were scheduled before those of Mohun Bagan AC! They argued that in the 1st leg since their matches were after the matches of Mohun Bagan, in the second leg, why should that be any diferent!
The IFA has, as always, given in to East Bengal demands and changed the schedule thereto.

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