Calcutta, the city of joy, a city of tradition, a city rich in culture born out of the amulgation of the East and the West! It is said that Calcutta is the Mecca of
Indian Football!
And Football in Calcutta means Mohun Bagan AC! It is the oldest club of Asia and the National Club of India. It is the biggest thing in India.
The next best thing is the Calcutta Rivalry!
Mohun Bagan v/s East Bengal!
However, the three big clubs of Calcutta are:
Mohun Bagan AC, East Club FC, Mahammedan S.C

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mohun Bagan win 7th CFL derby on a trot!

Bagan won their 7th CFL derby on a trot against East Bengal. Bagan needed to win this match to remain at the top of the League Table and East Bengal needed the win to stay in the race for championship.

East Bengal went one goal ahead in the 18th minute through Alvito D'cunha, but could not hold onto the slender lead as Bagan piled on some pressure in the 2nd half. Bagan young gun, Lalawpuia scored the equaliser in the 73rd minute through a header off a Lalkamal corner. Pressure mounted in the game as both teams tried to get one past the other, but Bagan in the 83rd minute went ahead, thanks to an acrobatic Lalawmpuia who scored his second to win it for Mohun Bagan seven in a row in the CFL.

Bagan move to the league top after the First Leg. Mohd. Sporting though has one last match left before end of the first leg with 3 points behing Bagan. East bengal end their 1st leg with 11 points!

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